Sunday, February 10, 2013

Papua New Guinea: Mass Insanity . . .

I’m shaking my head after reading yet another article about the depths to which people stuck in warped superstitious belief systems of the past will sink:
CBC Newsworld has a report out of Papua New Guinea about a young woman accused of witchcraft who was stripped, bound and tortured and then burned alive in front of hundreds of witnesses.
Apparently, CBC is reporting, “Some of the hundreds of bystanders took photographs of Wednesday’s brutal slaying. Grisly pictures were published on the front pages of the country’s biggest circulating newspapers, The National and Post-Courier.”
To quote an old Bruce Cockburn song: “If I had a rocket launcher, I would retaliate . . .”
Stupid, stupid, stupid, ignorant people! But they do know how to use cameras and to light fires.
Moral of the story: stay far, far away from Papua New Guinea, unless you can cast a spell on the imbeciles there and make them disappear.
Just sayin’ . . .

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