Source: The National, Tuesday, February 5, 2013 
PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has welcomed the strong statement of confidence in Papua New Guinea’s future from ANZ Bank.
O’Neill said ANZ had a strong presence in the PNG banking and finance sector and its confidence was most welcome.
“The CEO of ANZ, Mike Smith, is optimistic about our future, and he understands and supports the steps my government is taking to secure our future –  including a focus on upgrading and expanding economic infrastructure and on improving productivity,” he said.
“I also welcome his comments about the potential for Papua New Guinea to benefit from the growth of the Asian region.
 “His views are in line with my own statements, and the policies my government has outlined as priorities for 2013.
“The report commissioned by the ANZ highlights the enormous potential of our resource sector.
 “Our challenge is to develop it responsibly, ensuring the benefits are shared, and ensuring the revenue inflows from resource development are responsibly managed.
“Every major investor I met also stresses the need for political stability.
 “That is why my government is absolutely committed to the constitutional change to ensure the prime minister chosen after the national elections cannot face a no-confidence in the first half of the five-year life of the national parliament.
“This will strengthen further the political stability we have achieved since my election in August last year.”
O’Neill said he looked forward to ANZ continuing to be a major player in the banking and finance  sectors and contributing to strong economic growth in the future.