Sunday, February 26, 2012

Elections like to be deferred

The 2012 general elections are likely to be deferred because the Electoral Commission is behind schedule in its prerations, the Sunday Chronicle reports.
The commission itself admitted in a meeting with Members of Parliament last week that 40% of the country was yet to be brought to a level of preparedness for the polls, prompting criticisms from MPs and calls for the sacking of Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen.
Minister for State assisting the Prime Minister, Waka Goiye, last Friday presented a report highlighting the problems with the common roll update, and the failure by the commission to try and introduce innovative technology to overcome problems associated with the common roll and voting.
In the report, Trawen expressed confidence that they should be able to carry out the elections successfully despite lack of preparedness.
But Trawen came under a barrage of criticism for this.
Led by deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Forests and Climate Change, Belden Namah, both sides of the house criticised the commission for its failure to prepare the national well in advance for this important once-in-give years democratic exercise.

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  1. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Leaders have no lawful power and authority to wind the clock back. Election dates have been set and will be held on time.