Monday, February 06, 2012

Back to school mayhem!


Absolute back-to-school mayhem this morning as the 2012 education year began.
Getting onto a PMV was a nightmare!
After much pushing and shoving, my seven-year-old daughter Moasing and I were able to get on a PMV at Hohola, for her Waigani Christian School.
People, people everywhere and not a PMV in sight!
The government should seriously look at revamping our whole public transport system
At Tokara, police, members of the disciplined forces and lawyers are gathering for the start of the 2012 legal year.
The bus stops at Waigani are chock-a-block.
Moasing and I went to school, however, there was a long queue with a notice advising parents that school starts on Wednesday.
We had to shove and push to get into a PMV for The National office.
She is with me in the office now and I hope her two brothers had better luck on the first day of school.
All the time, our politicians and public servants continue to play their silly games!
Our children deserve better!

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