MEMBER for Madang Goli Buka Malai has distanced himself from the alleged misappropriation of K4.3 million at the Department of National Planning, The National reports.
Malai denied any involvement in or knowledge of the alleged swindling of funds involving an executive officer – linking him to the alleged crime.
He said the newspaper report that the executive officer to the Madang MP was involved was far from the truth.
Malai said he was cooperating with the police fraud squad and the Sweep taskcforce to clear his name.
Malai said this after the Sweep team arrested and charged Zebedee Jabri Kalup with six counts of misappropriation and false pretence.
“I do not know what really happened but I believe the executive officer used me to write funding proposals which I signed thinking the money was for the people of Madang,” he said.
“He has been using me to get money that went into his private account and not for the benefit of the people of Madang.”
Malai assured his family and the people of Madang that he had not personally received or benefited in any way from the alleged funding.
“I want to clear my name against any doubts in the minds of my people of Madang.
“I am now cooperating with police to clear my name.”
Malai said it all started when businessman Peter Yama was challenging Madang regional MP Sir Arnold Amet in the Courts of Disputed Returns following the 2007 general election.
He said at that time, he was acting governor when Kalup was executive officer to the office of the governor.
“The money, I assume, is from the Public Investment Programme (PIP) earmarked for specific project assistance in the districts.”