Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Government bans smoking in public places


SMOKING in enclosed public places is banned, Health Minister Jamie Maxtone-Graham announced yesterday, The National reports.
 He said those caught smoking in such places could face fines of up to K1,000.
Maxtone-Graham said the ban covered enclosed areas such as schools, shops, hospitals, public transport, nightclubs and any other place deemed to be accessible by public and enclosed.
He said the policy was approved by the National Executive Council and gazetted on Monday.
The decision was based on a declaration adopted by the 64 member states of the United Nations to fight non-communicable diseases caused by the consumption of unhealthy goods, including tobacco.
Maxtone-Graham has advised the department to put together a health enforcement unit to implement the policy.
He said they would work with police and other relevant authorities to implement the policy.
The policy prohibited the sale of loose cigarettes because that allowed persons under 18 to buy tobacco.
Fines for companies and people caught selling loose cigarettes would be stiffer than for those caught smoking in enclosed public places.
He said apart from tobacco, “tough measures will be taken to address the unhygienic handling of food which contributes to non-communicable diseases”.
He said once the health enforcement unit was in place it would ensure that all restaurants and fast-food outlets comply with hygiene and sanitation rules


  1. Thankyou, lets truly enforce this law & seriously look at underage smoking issue aswell

  2. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Thank you about time...

  3. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Banning the sale of single cigarettes is counter productive.
    If people trying to give up have a slight lapse they have to buy a whole packet instead of just one to get them over the temptation.