Saturday, April 21, 2012

The heartbreak of Daru


These are pictures of  the forgotten backwater of Daru, Western province, which has been left to rot by the PNG government.
Need I say more?
Four years ago, I went to Daru to bury my late wife, Hula, and since then, nothing has changed in this 'Wild West' town of Daru.
For better or worse?
Let these pictures by DAVID WILLIAMS do the talking!
Daru hospital in decline

New Century store and hotel in Daru

Daru child labour

Daru deforestation

Daru foreshore

Daru market, but there is little cash in town

Daru 'refugee corner'

Daru 'refugee' kids

'Stone chairs' of Daru

Living on a boat on the mudflats of Daru

Real life in Daru

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