Friday, April 13, 2012

Prime Minister: InterOil Gulf LNG project to go ahead

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill says Interoil Corporation's LNG project development in PNG's Gulf province will go ahead when all pre-conditons set by government and the 2009 Project Agreement are fully satisfied. Mr O'Neill said today there was no National Executive Council decision rejecting the Gulf LNG project. The Prime Minister reiterated his earlier statement in August last year that the government under his watch would assist InterOil to secure a strategic operating partner, rescope the project agreement to enable phased LNG development, and to locate the project in Gulf province.

Prime Minister O'Neill has directed the Ministry and Department of Petroleum and Energy to cooperate with InterOil and desist from confusing the investment community and Gulf Province government and landowners with media statements about rejection of the project.


  1. This was what was reported by Post Courier today:

  2. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Looks like Mr. O'Neill has closed down the Post Courier site, and sent their journalists back to school.

  3. Enough of confusion_the project must go ahead to boost economic growth not only for PNG but for the Gulf province.