Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chimbu women hold mini agriculture show


Women farmers in 14 different council wards of the Tabare local level government (LLG) in the Sinasina /Yongomugl district of Chimbu province are seeking a definite market to sell their produce instead of wasting their time and effort selling in the main markets.
The women hosted a mini agriculture show for the first time at the Dumum Primary School recently to showcase their products and discuss issues of concern.
Spokeswoman, Heidi Nilime, said the government was asking the people to go back and work on their land, however, there was no definite market to sell their produce.
Women organisers of the first ever agriculture show in the Sinasina / Yongomugl District posing with their female presidential candidate for Tabare LLG Jacinta Kamol Bal (middle).

She said the time spent on selling their products in the main markets and costs involve in getting their produce to the market was very discouraging.
According to their experiences, most of their produce were not sold,  and they needed to come back home early to prepare food and household for their children and husbands.
“Our labor is wasted,” Nilime said.
“ We give away our produce to friends and relatives when we see that time is catching up on us.”
She urged the Sinasina/Yongomugl district and Chimbu provincial government to assist them in securing a definite fresh produce market so that their time and effort was not wasted.
Executive officer to the chief executive officer of the Coffee Industry Corporation, Hooper Pugma,  urged the women to highlight their participation in coffee farming and marketing and the CIC would assist them .
Pugma attended the event on behalf of acting CIC CEO Anton Benjamin.
He said coffee had a definite market and women could get more benefit out of farming coffee.
The CIC presented coffee gift packs and information material to the women and teachers of Dumun Primary School.
Also present at the event were officers of the district administration.

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