Friday, July 05, 2013

Lae Market facilities need attention

Lae Market goer

The beautiful and abundant fresh food market in the whole country, Lae market needs attention badly. We have bought and traded in the market for years, but continue to pay little attention to the welfare of the vendors, the buyers and the sellers. 
 About time the Lae City Authority, Morobe Provincial Government and the National Government paid attention.  
 Smaller markets in other centress have got aid agencies funding, what about Lae City? 
 The good Lae market continues to be crowed and a health hazard with waste disposal problem, toilet facilities in dire need of improvement with increased population and usages. 
Kaukau (sweet potato) sales at Lae Market

 Lack of proper storage facilities Lack of rehabilitation of sitting and display benches need either construction and a major extension is needed to cover the entire trading area.    
The question continues to be asked what happens to the gate collection.   
The recently announced improvement continues to favour non-Morobeans sales section in the already roofed section. 
 Why are the Morobean mothers and daughter being desecrated as aliens in their own city let to pay fees and get nothing but beating from the rain and the scorching sun?  
 It goes begging to see them standing and sitting in the sun and dripping wet in the pouring rain whole day while non-Morobeans enjoy the shelters of the entire building.   
The Markham’s, Wains, Bukawas, Salamuas, Situm, Boana and the good Wampars. 
 Can’t they be accorded a decent shelter from rain and the weather? 
 This is not a rationalistic statement. 
 It’s about equality, respect and recognition of the 
 What has James Khay done for the Lae market apart from collecting gate fees?  
 Dear Lae MP and Governor Kelly Naru, mothers spoke and petitioned recently.
 Nothing much has happened. 
 Morobe mothers are being sent to vending outside the fencing encroaching into the already crowded streets.   
 May be the biometric system will make room for new market, that’s about another fiive years’ time. What can we do in the meantime? 
  If we cannot improve on what we already have, what guarantee do we have we will get a new market?  
 Please see the plight of our mothers and daughter from the fringes of Lae city trying to make ends meet. 
 We are punishing them more so by charging gate takings but not providing the needed comfort to trade in a decent environment.

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