Friday, July 05, 2013

Surprises at changes in Goroka show leadership


Eastern Highlands Agricultural Society (EHAS) president Wilson Orlegge Thompson has expressed surprise that Eastern Highlands provincial government has taken over the running of the popular Goroka Show and a new chairman has been appointed.
This follows the appointment of business woman, Kearyn Hargreaves, as the new head of the Goroka Show Society by Eastern Highlands Governor Julie Soso last Friday.
Thompson said the EHAS, Highlands Farmers and Settlers Association (HFSA), and the show committee headed by Gideon Samuel were surprised at the sudden appointment, but accepted it.
CIC coffee inspector Lassy Amos (right) explaining the PNG coffee grading system to two Japanese visitors during the 2010 Goroka Show.

“The HFSA, EHAS and committee are surprised of a new chairman appointed and Eastern Highlands provincial government taking over,” he said.
“The Eastern Highlands provincial government budgeted K10, 000 per annum, but never paid from 2005-2008, and 2009-2012.
 “Eastern Highlands provincial government owes show committee K64, 000 plus costs from Prime Minister’s visit, plus legal battles from Eastern Highlands provincial government days.
“My group will allow Eastern Highlands provincial government to take over to assume all liabilities as HFSA and EHAS are voluntary associations with show committee a non-legal entity, so that chairman Gideon Samuel and committee members cannot be sued in person.
“Also, any assets like showground and fixtures, the name Goroka Show and logo, bank accounts.  and intellectual rights belong to HFSA and EHAS.”
Thompson, however, said Goroka Show was the oldest in PNG and must run this year.

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