Friday, July 12, 2013

Fast processed foods and soft drinks leading to premature deaths in PNG


Dear Malum Nalu,
 Sorry to hear about the passing of Auri Eva (Kolma: Eva a victim of health ‘madness’)
I did not know him but I feel compelled to comment on the mention of insufficient pain killers and incapable hospitals being blamed for premature deaths.
Though I'm sure I'd agree that PNG's hospitals need improvement I believe the underlying cause of premature deaths in PNG is the over consumption of fast processed foods and soft drinks.
 During my last visit to PNG I was shocked at the level of penetration Coca-Cola had achieved in the country.
Practically all major sporting and social events were sponsored by it.
Advertisements were all over the streets, radio and TV.
With all that pretty propaganda how can young children even consider that it's NOT an advisable drink?
Everyday I could see a lot of people eating oily Chinese food or meat pies with a Coke for lunch.
 I could clearly see what a local physical therapist friend told me told me was the root cause of PNG's high rate of diabetes amongst a range of other serious health disorders.
More and more people around the world are suffering the same fate.
Cancer is becoming a plague and junk food continues it's convenient silent addictions.
When was the last time you had a nice kulau juice or sweet kaukau at a cafeteria?
The choice is up to each individual.
The lifestyle diseases of the so called "developed countries" are here to stay.
With more focus on health education less of us will have to spend time in hospitals.

Concerned wantok,

Steve Mathie

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