Friday, July 19, 2013

In Port Moresby today

I walked around Port Moresby today and I saw all this buai pekpek (betelnut shit) and other litter around the city! 
To think that PNG will host the 2015 Pacific Games and APEC 2018. 
An emerging regional economic super power that is so rich but so filthy! 
Give me a clean country!
 I would prefer a clean country than a rich country!
Drain at Gordon Market

Outside BSP Waigani

Uncollected pile of buai pekpek and other litter outside Mobile Service Station Waigani this morning

Uncollected trash along Waigani Drive

The city gets dirty the minute it's cleaned up!

This is the footpath along bemobile Waigani Drive this morning

Uncollected garbage along Waigani Drive

Filthy drain at Gordon
I walked across to BSP Waigani this morning to see if I had any money and I saw all this buai pekpek outside the bank!

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