Wednesday, June 20, 2012

BSP uses new tech to upgrade service

THE Bank South Pacific aims to revolutionise banking in the country by using cutting edge technology to bring services to the remotest areas of the country, according to group chief executive officer Ian Clyne.
He told The National the bank was using Samsung Galaxy Tablets – in a world first – to bring banking services to remote PNG.
BSP will use these tablets to open new customer bank accounts conveniently in less than 15 minutes anywhere in the country.
With the tablet, bank staff can input customer details, take a photo and customers jot down their signature.
The customer walks away with a pre-registered KunduCard and new account instantly.

BSP's Timothy Sipwanji and Nancy Knight (standing) opening a new BSP Kundu account for The National business reporter Gynnie Kero (right), using a Samsung Galaxy Tablet.
“We are basically able to, within five minutes, open up an account, take your photograph as a customer, the customer signs on the tablet, the information goes back to our system in real time,” Clyne said.
“The person has a bank card immediately, not in one week or two weeks time.
“We can do that anywhere in the country in five minutes.
“We now have 350 Galaxy tablets around the country.
“There are teams of (BSP) people going out into the rural areas, such as oil palm projects, and getting the workers and drivers to open accounts.
“We have people all over the country going out into the remote areas to help people there open up bank accounts.”
Clyne said BSP was working towards getting 1,000 tablets working all over the country.
This is all part of the lucrative Green Gold campaign, which started this month, and is set to be the largest cash give away in PNG history.
“The reason we launched Green Gold was about financial inclusion,” Clyne said.
“If someone has a bank account, that will encourage them to save and manage their money more professionally.
“You don’t want people to come to the main centres because they have to spend K50, K100 or more to come to the big centres and then we have a big line.
“This (tablet) is part of a strategy of having electronic solutions convenient for customers all around PNG.
“We also have the ability to open up accounts for customers anywhere in PNG,” Clyne said.
“We’ve come up with a technology that is a world-leading technology: a Samsung Tablet and a Windows Bluetooth card, where we can go anywhere in the country, including an Ok Tedi boat down the Fly River.
“There are many firsts going on around the country that a lot of people aren’t aware of.”
Meanwhile, BSP now has two Kundu account choices for its retail customers: Kundu Account Standard and Kundu Account Plus.
The Kundu Account Standard is for customers who do not frequently transact on their Kundu account or may not use their account every month.
The Kundu Account Plus is for customers who frequently transact on their Kundu account.

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