Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bart Philemon slams Electoral Commision for deferral in Lae

Lae MP Bart Philemon today (Tuesday, June 26, 2012) slammed the Electoral Commission for deferring yesterday’s polling to today (Wednesday) because of heavy rain.
He said that the sun was shining immediately after the deferral was made.
Philemon also said that several major companies in Lae allowed their employees one day off for voting yesterday and were unlikely to allow them another day off today.

Bart Philemon...no justification for deferral
“The Electoral Commission and Lae returning officer did not consider the ramifications of the decision they made today and its wider impact,” he said.
“The decision was made prematurely before 8 o’clock this morning to cancel voting due to rain.
“Before 9 o’clock this morning, we had beautiful sunshine
“Most of the companies here in Lae closed down today to allow their employees to vote, the likes of Trukai Rice, Hornibrooks Steel, Coca-Cola and so on.
“These companies can’t allow them time off again tomorrow (Wednesday.
“The irresponsible decision by the Electoral Commission today is going to deny a lot of employees in Lae their democratic right to vote tomorrow.
“I’m very disappointed at this very irresponsible and premature decision by the Electoral Commission in Lae.
“There’s no justifiable reason for the irresponsible decision to be made today to defer voting until tomorrow.”

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