Thursday, December 20, 2012

Little control of Lae business boom, says chamber


Lae Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes that there is little control of the current business boom in Lae at the moment.
Chamber president Alan McLay said this yesterday when asked to comment on the boom in business in Lae brought about by all the economic developments.
“The so called ‘business boom’ in Lae is progressing at the moment to meet the demands,” he said.
“The LNG project has certainly meant more transport and logistics type operations and we have seen major developments of these industries along the Nadzab corridor in recent years.
“The government’s inability to provide adequate land for development in Lae has meant that companies have directly negotiated land with local communities and individuals in this area, to meet the demands.
“Our concern is that this recent development has proceeded unplanned, which brings forth a whole range of issues.”
Lae's new landmark along 2nd Street, at the site of the old IPI Building, epitomises the business boom the city is currently going through.-Picture by MALUM NALU

McLay said these issues included:
•All of this development has taken place beyond the current city boundaries, which means that it is under the jurisdiction of the rural local level governments (LLGs), which do not provide sanitation and garbage, and other services to businesses;
•The unplanned development means that there is no allocation of land for schools, recreation parks, etc; and
•There is no protection for the landowner for unscrupulous dealings, and con artists who will rob them and their families of their future inheritance.
“The LCCI believes that there must be an urban development plan for the Lae Urban area,” he said.
“This plan should be used as a blueprint for the establishment of an urban authority or commission.
 “We believe that a commission is necessary to include the Nadzab corridor, as well as Malahang area where the fish factories and fishing wharf are planned, but the establishment of the urban authority should follow a proper urban plan.”

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