Thursday, December 20, 2012

Chamber concerned at law and order in Lae

Lae Chamber of Commerce and Industry yesterday expressed concern at the escalating law and order problem in Lae, especially ethnic clashes in urban settlements.
Chamber president Alan McLay said this yesterday when commenting on business in Lae in 2012, which he said had been “good”, for a number of issues including law and order.
“The overflowing settlements and the resulting clashes is a major concern, which is taking so much time and effort by the under -strength and underequipped police, who have found they are left wanting when addressing the normal crimes in the city,” he said.
The understrength China Town police station in Lae, which is expected to control Bumbu Settlement, one of the most-notorious in Lae for ethnic violence.-Picture by MALUM NALU

“The squatter problem has been allowed to develop unchecked by the previous politicians and administration and now it has become a major issue.
“The police alone cannot handle this problem as they are not trained to handle social problems – the politicians and administration must find a way to relieve tensions in the settlements.
“The police must be equipped better to combat crime, which is having an enormous upsurge at the moment.
“We understand the Morobe Governor has promised a good relief package to the police.
“Now the police headquarters must look at increasing the numbers of police and build up their equipment.
“Good business relies on a low crime rate, which is currently at an unacceptable high.”
McLay suggested:
•Morobe Governor Kelly Naru and Lae MP Loujaya Toni must look at political solutions to decrease the ethnic tensions and the crime and
•Local authorities must relax fees and license regulations, to make the process simple and effective, so that business can operate in a less-bureaucratic system.

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