Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Port Moresby is not a safe place at Christmas


My little Nikon Coolpix, with which I've been taking thise amazing pictures from all over PNG and the world, was stolen from me at the Christmas lights at 5-Mile tonight.
 Lawyer Ralph Saulep picked me up at about 8.30pm, for dinner at Seoul House Restaurant at 5-Mile, and while when I pulled down my window and started taking pictures of the Christmas lights, the camera was pulled out from my hand.
No point in chasing the culprint, a little boy, because if I had, I would probably have been stabbed or attacked by the crowd.
This epitomises how bad Port Moresby is so don't bother going to 5-Mile for the Christmas lights and entertainment...you might lose your life!
My regret is that I won't have a camera for my daugher Moasing's graduation tomorrow, as well as my two elder sons later in the week...

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