Monday, December 03, 2012

Port Moresby among top 30 most expensive cities in the world

  • By Alison Godfrey
  • November 29, 2012 7:47AM
THINKING of living overseas? Here's a list you need to see.
Eurocost International has released their top 30 most expensive cities for expats. Tokyo, Luanda, and Moscow take the top three spots.
London, a favourite for Aussie expats, comes in at number five. The good news is that if you love Europe it’s now much cheaper to live there – if you can find a job. The depreciation of the currency against the rest of the world has meant cities like Paris and Amsterdam are no longer in the list.
The survey, completed in June, takes into account the cost of living, including rent, but not health or school.
Good news for Sydneysiders looking to head overseas – most of the world will be cheaper than home. Sydney is ranked at the number seven most expensive city. Surprisingly too Canberra made this list but not Melbourne.

So here it is. The top 30 most expensive expat cities in the world.
1. Tokyo, Japan
2. Luanda, Angola
3. Moscow, Russia
4. Singapore, Singapore
5. London, England
6. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
7. Sydney, Australia
8. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
9. Geneva, Switzerland
10. Kinshaa, Democratic Republic of Congo
11. Oslo, Norway
12. Canberra, Australia
13. Shanghai, China
14. Beirut, Lebanon
15. Seoul, South Korea
16. Beijing, China
17. Zurich, Switzerland
18. Sao Paulo, Brazil
19. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
20. Caracas, Venezuela
21. Lausanne, Switzerland
22. New York, United States of America
23. Guangzhou, China
24. Honiara, Soloman Islands
25. Kiev, Ukraine
26. Copenhagen, Denmark
27. Almaty, Kazakhstan
28. Bogota, Colombia
29. Berne, Switzerland
30. Brasilia, Brazil

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