Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Port Moresby embarks on massive K800 million roads development

All pictures @MALUM NALU

Port Moresby has embarked on a massive roads development which will cost up to K800 million, according to city manager Leslie Alu.
He said these projects included the K318 million four-lane arterial road from Poreporena Freeway to 9-Mile by China Harbour Engineering (CHE), K160 million Kookaburra Street to Erima Flyover by Hawkins, K84 million Gordon Industrial Area by Global, K77 million four-lane road from Erima to 9-Mile by Dekenai, K62 million 6-Mile to Jackson Airport road by Hebou, and K52 million Paga ring road by Curtain Bros.
Work is already progressing at Gordon Industrial Centre, Erima to 9-Mile, 6-Mile to Jackson Airport, and Paga Ring Road.
Construction of the Kookaburra Street – Erima Flyover is set to commence in January 2014 with groundbreaking planned for later this month.
The day after New Year's Day last week, I took a leisurely stroll from 8-Mile to Erima and back to do some exercise, thinking and check on the progress of road works, during which time I took these pictures.
Looking towards 9-Mile.

Looking towards Erima.

The heavily polluted stream over which 8-Mile Bridge runs.

8-Mile Bridge.

Afternoon traffic looking towards 9-Mile.

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