Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Security guards block PNG police from issuing warrant for opposition leader


Papua New Guinea's opposition leader, Belden Namah, has confirmed security guards blocked police from entering his home to issue a warrant for his arrest.
Mr Namah says a verbal exchange took place when a group of officers turned up at his house and eventually left.

PNG politician Belden Namah walks to Government House in Port Moresby.
Photo: Papua New Guinea opposition leader Belden Namah. (AFP: Auri Eva, file photo)
Mr Namah has told Pacific Beat he hasn't committed any crime.
"I don't know what crime I have committed for [the] police commissioner to issue such an order," he said.
"So for me there is no cause for concern.
"I have not committed any offence, I have not committed any form of crime."

PNG's police commissioner, Toami Kulunga, had ordered Mr Namah's arrest over alleged threats, after Mr Namah said in a letter he would take "unprecedented measures" if four suspended policemen were not reinstated.
The police officers were suspended for their involvement in issuing a warrant against Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.
Mr Namah says the "unprecedented measures" referred to an attempt to have the commissioner charged for perverting the course of justice, and denies there was any implications of a coup-threat
"I don't have an army - what sort of coup are we talking about?" he said.
"Let me make it very clear to also the international community, that has been the message that Peter O'Neill has been driving, basically trying to say that Mr Namah is trying to overthrow a legitimate government.
"I have no intention of trying to overthrow a legitimate government."
A media release from police said they were "fed up with the tantrums of the opposition leader" and described him as an "erratic man".

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