Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The shame of Malolo Estate, 8-Mile

All pictures @MALUM NALU

I used to once admire Malalo Estate, 8-Mile, as a top-end housing estate but all that has changed since I moved in next door last year. 
The place is filthy, shops sell beer 24/7, there is no road repair, drains are clogged up, the entrance looks like a pigsty.
 I took these pictures today.
Where are the property managers?
This is one of the streets where beer is sold.

Unsealed roads.

The place needs a massive clean-up.

Driving out of Malolo.

Drains filled with fetid water.

A drain clogged with all manner of plastics.

New developments along the main road.

Looking from Malolo out onto the main road.

Entrance to Malolo, with an almost unreadable sign and potholes to welcome you.

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  1. Not sure about Malolo Estate but obviously NCDC building board need to go back to school. I do not live in POM but check into town today and two residential houses I enquired at Ensisi and of course the famous Rainbow estate is a classical cluster
    f---. Provision for public amenities and insufficient car park space in the yard is ridiculous. How on earth did people buy these properties. What kind of due diligence checklist did the building board use, go to hell you bunch of hypocrites. hell