Friday, December 19, 2014

Prime Minister calls for better protection of police

Office of the Prime Minister

 Prime Minister Peter O’Neill  has called for a review of procedures to better ensure the safety of police undertaking their duty of protecting the community.

O’Neill made the comments following recent attacks on police personnel that have ed to the deaths.

“I am greatly concerned about these instances of violence against our police and I am talking with police leadership about how procedures and processes can be reviewed to better ensure the safety,” he said.
“Although these recent cases appear to have been carried out by individuals, some of hem drug-induced, some under the influence of alcohol, we must stop this from  happening.

“One immediate measure is to issue directives that police do not go out alone, but discharge their duties in pairs.

“That happens in many parts of the world so that individual policemen and women are not going around by themselves in uniform, but are partnered.

“Indeed, policing is a dangerous job in any country, and as a government we must work to ensure the safety of our police as best we can.”

O'Neill called on the public to be grateful for the work of police and to be vigilant for people who might seek to cause harm to police.

“We express our deep sorrow and regret to the families of our brave police that have lost their lives, and been injured, in the course of their duties.

“Our police have dedicated their lives to the protection of the men, women and children of Papua New Guinea and to ensure that our communities are safe.

O'Neill said the Government continued to allocate greater funding each year for better training of Papua New Guinea’s Police with a focus on improving police skills to patrol their communities.

“We need our police walking our streets and markets, and working with members of the community to identify law breakers and bring them before the courts.

“Our community policing skills continue to be upgraded and our government will continue to strengthen capacity in this area.”

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