Friday, December 19, 2014

Prime Minister offers national sympathy for Pakistan

Office of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill  has expressed his indignation at the murder of more than 100 defenseless people in Pakistan this week, noting that all countries in the international community have to work together for a more peaceful global environment.
“It is with heartfelt concern and a sense of deep outrage that Papua New Guinea has received news of the murder of 141 people in Peshawar on 16 December 2014,” Prime Minister O’Neill said in a letter to his counterpart, Mohammad Nawaz Sharif. 
“With the majority of these victims being children, the grief caused by this attack is further exacerbated.
“May I offer deepest sympathies and prayers from the people of Papua New Guinea to the people of Pakistan following this tragic event.”
O’Neill said while the attack in Pakistan and the earlier siege in Sydney were domestic matters for their respective countries, there were global factors and grievances that had fed into both situations.“Our two nations might be separated by distance, but we are joined through a common concern to see the prevention of such acts of senseless violence,” the Prime Minister said in the letter to his counterpart in Pakistan.“Papua New Guinea joins with Pakistan in international forums, including The Commonwealth and the United Nations General Assembly, to work together in developing collective solutions for a safer international community.”
The Prime Minister said all nations have an obligation to make effective use of their membership of international forums to discuss underlying issues that lead to violence, to overcome animosities and improve understanding between people.
“We are blessed in the Pacific that we live in one of the most peaceful regions on the planet.“But we are also part of the global community and we will offer our support in the United Nations, the Commonwealth and other forums, to initiatives that promote peace and understanding between people.”

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