Saturday, December 20, 2014

O’Neill: Offer thoughts and prayers following tragic recent events

Office of the Prime Minister

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has asked Papua New Guineans to offer their thoughts and prayers for the families involved in recent tragic events, and to embrace their own family and friends and give thanks for their communities.
O’Neill said this is the time of the year that should be filled with joy as communities prepare to celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year, but recent weeks have seen tragedy.
“The death in Australia of eight children from the Torres Strait this week, the massacre of more than 100 children in Pakistan, the murder of hostages in Sydney, and the deaths of Papua New Guinean police officers have marked a sad time as we prepare for Christmas.
“What should be a time of happiness has been filled with grief and outrage and as a community we need to pull together, pray and reflect on the positives things in our lives.
“As we prepare for Christmas this weekend, in your homes and in your churches, I ask Papua New Guineans to do two things.  I ask you to pray for the families of people lost to these recent incidents, and I ask you to embrace those who are close to you and to give thanks for all we have that is good.
“Give thanks for your family and friends, give thanks for your community and give thanks for this blessed country in which we live.
“We have a lot to be grateful for and Christmas is a time to offer thanks and gratitude.”
O'Neill said the death of eight children from the Torres Strait had shocked the world and he has offered his condolences on behalf of PNG.
“Our nation grieves with people in Cairns and around Australia at the senseless loss of eight young lives.  May their young souls find eternal peace.
“Sadly, this is the third time this week our nation has extended condolences for a horrific event.
“These terrible occurrences cannot be reversed, but we can unite in grief and all do our best to build a brighter future.
“Lets look after each other, and look after our communities.”

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