Friday, December 24, 2010

Sex slave

Woman’s hubby, son of ex-politician, enjoys group sex, bondage and sadism




THE son of a former parliamentarian, who subjected his wife to three years of sexual abuse, is in police custody in East New Britain as investigators try to piece together his sex life which borders on sadism, The National reports.

The wife (named) had told police, after the couple was arrested early yesterday in a raid, that she had been kept as a sex slave and threatened with death if she ran away from their home in Rabaul town.

She is now helping Kokopo police with their inquiries into the perverted lifestyle of the man, in his early 20s, who, according to complaints filed, indulged in group sex, bondage and forcing foreign objects into the wife’s private parts.

The wife said she was subjected to constant torture and sexual abuse during the three years of their marriage, which she described as a “nightmare”.

The former politician’s son had been arrested once before – early last month – for wife bashing and had been on good behaviour bond.

Yesterday, he was fined K200 for breaching this as police kept him in custody to investigate the latest complaints against him.

Officer in charge of criminal investigation division in Kokopo, Insp Steven Ula, said yesterday two young women had given their statements to police and he was preparing a brief for the provincial police commander, Supt Sylvester Kalaut, on their next course of action.

The wife, from New Ireland, said her husband would force her into their bedroom, lock the door, strip her and subject her to painful sex acts.

She told police she had kept quiet all this time because her husband had threatened to beat her up, even kill her, if she did so.

On one occasion, the husband locked her up in their bedroom and went to Kokopo, returning hours later to strip her naked and beat her up with an iron rod. After that, he ordered her to go out and look for food.

She told police that on some occasions, after continuous beatings, he would order her to look for young women to join them for a threesome, or for him to have sex with them while she was forced to watch.

“Mi save stap na laip blo mi em nightmare tasol (I stay with him but my life has been a nightmare),” the wife said.

She said that on another occasion, the husband tied her to a chair and placed the tip a grass knife over a candle, then proceeded to stab her about her private parts.

When she struggled to be freed, the hot grass knife pierced the sides of her thighs.

On other occasions, he beat her with an iron rod on her breasts, private parts and back, causing extensive injury.

One woman, 20, laid a complaint with police after she was forced to have sex with him.

She said the man had first beaten up his wife and then stripped the two of them, locked the bedroom door and had sex with them about eight times.

Kalaut said this case would not be treated lightly.



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