Tuesday, December 07, 2010

More colleges and varsities needed, says administrator



THERE is a great demand for tertiary education as more and more students pass out from the school system, a high school graduation ceremony outside Goroka, Eastern Highlands, was told last week, The National reports.

Acting Eastern Highlands provincial administrator John Gimisive said lack of spaces at tertiary institutions was pressing the government to build more higher educational institutions to cater for the increasing number of graduates.

Gimisive was speaking at the graduation of Rintebe High School in upper Bena, Unggai-Bena district, last week.

He also raised concern that while the number of students leaving high schools and secondary schools were increasing, there were not enough tertiary institutions to complement this increase.

He told students, teachers, parents and guardians and guests at the graduation ceremony last Tuesday that students had to work hard to secure placing in PNG’s tertiary institutions.

“We have more primary and secondary schools under the reformed system with more child enrolments, but the tertiary level is not expanding.

“My concern is that there are not enough spaces at the universities and colleges for large numbers of students passing out from secondary and national high schools every year,” Gimisive said.

He said spaces were limited and students in secondary and high schools were competing for these spaces.

Gimisive said students studying overseas and others attending private and church-run agency schools, and those from other Pacific Island nations, also fight for the limited places at tertiary institutions.

However, he encouraged the graduating students not to feel let down if they did not get a university or college placing.

He said there were other avenues for leavers to further their education.

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