Thursday, December 09, 2010

Lost K1 million found



THE K1 million cheque belonging to the Telefomin people in West Sepik, which was lost in a taxi in Port Moresby, has been found, The National reports.

Telefomin MP Peter Iwei had allegedly left the cheque in a cab on his way home from parliament last month.

He said the cheque was returned to his parliament office following widespread publicity and public appeal.

Iwei said he had so far received K16 million in district support improvement programme (DSIP) funds from the national government.

However, he said due to the remoteness of his isolated and disadvantaged district, more funds were needed for his people to really participate in the country’s development.

He said over the years, Telefomin had been neglected with only a handful of people having access to vital services, usually accessed by flying in and out of the district.

Iwei said Sepiks had produced the country’s prime minister for a number of years but there was little to show for it.

Consequently, he said the people of Telefomin had sought vital health and education services elsewhere such as going to Tabubil in Western or crossing over the border into Indonesia.

Telefomin has a population of about 40,000 people who share a common border with Indonesia.

Iwei said his recent action to pay K10, 000 into a private bank account was necessitated by the government’s lack of interest in seriously addressing and developing least developed areas in the country.



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