Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sir Michael Somare at ease

Sir Michael with a huge sail fish he caught using a 10-pound fishing line in Murik
SIDELINED prime minister Sir Michael Somare is back home in East Sepik, fishing in his spare time and attending to his electoral duties, The National reports.
Yesterday, he travelled by boat to the Murik Lakes area to meet with his people at Karau village and to hear their grievances.
While on his way, Sir Michael took out his fishing gear and let down the lines.
To his pleasant surprise, Sir Michael caught four huge fish.
The prized catch was a huge sail fish, weighing about 30kg and was about 160cm long.
The other three were mackerels, weighing up to 15kg each, which were shared among his Karau village relatives while the sail fish was brought back to Wewak.
While in Karau, Sir Michael spoke to his working committee on the ground about the progress on the construction of a new church building, improvement to existing infrastructure like the school, water tanks, Telikom’s VSat telecommunication equipment, aid posts and other requirements.

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