Friday, December 24, 2010

Junior MPs urgeds not to be misled by veterans




The Supreme Court’s decision to reject the Deputy Speaker of Parliament’s application to challenge the Supreme Court’s Order to recall Parliament is welcome news to all, and a clear sign that our judicial system still functions to protect the Constitution on behalf of the people.

We all know that the Deputy Speaker may have been pressured by the Speaker and the National Alliance Regime to once again play their game by challenging the judiciary's decision, so as to cling onto power.

Now that the Prime Minister is being sidelined and the Speaker is now acting Governor General, the incumbent Regime will play the MPs down the ladder to protect its own interest .Thank God the Supreme Court corrected the situation regarding the Governor General as Parliament was unable to, as the Regime has been manipulating Parliament for eight solid years now.

It is a disgrace that when the Supreme Court made its ruling clear that procedures were not followed, the Deputy Speaker should then make a further defective application to Court.

He should have known that the actual party to the application was the Parliament, which consists of all of us elected MPs and not just the National Alliance Party, which the Deputy Speaker is a member of.

The National Alliance Regime must know by now that Parliament belongs to the people of Papua New Guinea and can be recalled at short notice during emergencies or war, or in this situation, a vacancy in the post of the Governor General.

Now with no Prime Minister and with Parliament about to go into session with an acting speaker, the National Alliance regime will now skate on thin ice.

We all know every Regime and every dog has its day and now their day has come to an end. National Alliance must accept this fact and succumb to the situation.

I am now reminding all good Members of Parliament that the Somare era has finished and that every right –thinking MP should have a vision for this country that is different from the current disaster that National Alliance has provided. All MPs must work to achieve a better day for PNG. They are mandated by their constituents to represent them in Parliament, without fear or favor and they are needed now, more than ever, to act.

For this country to shift into another dimension, a generational change in the leadership is a must, so MPs now must not underestimate themselves or fear the old dogs anymore.

They are leaders in their own right and must stand up now to make a change.

This country seriously needs it.

MPs must not play second fiddle but must be seen to take charge of the destiny of this country.

The future rests in their hands and the next generation of leaders to come.

Our post-independence leaders have done us proud but they must accept the fact that evolution of leaders needs to take place for the betterment of this country.

I think completely differently from the old guard and I believe strongly that most of my other colleague MPs are the same; we must insist therefore a generational change of leadership has to occur to take the country forward.


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