Friday, December 10, 2010

Wenge: Prime Minister should consider retirement



MOROBE Governor Luther Wenge says Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare has achieved many milestones during his illustrious career as a politician and, with current steps by the public prosecutor to refer him to a leadership tribunal, it will only be proper that he retires from politics, The National reports.

Speaking to reporters in Lae yesterday, Wenge said Sir Michael had become a national icon and his name was synonymous with the country’s attainment of independence, making him deserved of the title of grand chief because he was the chief of chiefs.

The Morobe governor said the prime minister had served in politics for more than 40 years and was the longest serving politician in the Commonwealth nations.

He became a leader and stayed a leader through the democratic process and was a nationalist who stood for all things PNG, Wenge said.

“As a Papua New Guinean, I am one of his greatest admirers although there are some issues that we differ on.

“He has done his part for the country and has led the nation to many great achievements, the recent being the Vision 2050 policy,” he said.

The prime minister, Wenge said, had done his part and should now step down from politics and allow other capable politicians to take Vision 2050 and run it.

“Sir Michael has had an outstanding political career and, for him to be dragged through the court system is belittling, so, my suggestion to him will be to step down from politics.”

Wenge’s comments followed media reports that Sir Michael would be referred to a leadership tribunal for not submitting his annual financial returns, hence, breaching the Leadership Code.


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