Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bumpers punched up for Hohola league


The Freeway Bumpers B Grade side come rushing off the paddock like they’ve won the grand final of the Hohola off-season rugby league competition.
Garbed in their brand-new uniforms, courtesy of Vitis Industries, they’d just delivered a lethal knockout punch, head the competition and look primed to take out the grand final in a couple of weeks time.
They come out singing and chanting to their benefactor, Vikki Mossin, director of Vitis and herself a street-wise girl who was raised in Hohola.
On this Saturday morning, Feb 19, Mossin finds herself surrounded by muddy football players and diehard fans.

Vitis director Vikki Mossin (left) with Freeway Bumpers B grade players in their brand-new uniforms after yesterday's crushing victory in Hohola off-season rugby league.-Picture by MALUM NALU
Boys from the mean streets of Hohola 3 along the freeway, who would otherwise be involved in mischief, had it not been for such sporting competitions.
Vitis is the maker of popular alcoholic beverages such as Coffee Punch and Vanilla Punch so, suffice to say, they’d concocted the Bumpers into a storm in the tea cup of the Hohola competition.
“On behalf of the management and staff of Vitis Industries, we’re happy to come out and sponsor a community-based team,” Mossin says.
“We’ve bought two sets of jumpers for A and B grades, shorts, socks, canvas and an esky.
“The cost is met by Vitis Industries to the tune of about K7, 000.”
Bumpers’ manager David Wambun says both A and B sides are doing well in the 16-team competition, which is played alongside the popular Lareva Market.
Vitis director Vikki Mossin (left) shows off the new uniforms with team manager David Wambun
“The B grade is leading the competition,” he adds.
“A grade is in fourth place.
“We have approached a couple of companies for sponsorship assistance, however, have not received any response.
“Vitis Industries responded immediately, and positively, something for which we are grateful for.
“We hope to reciprocate by winning both grand finals.”

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