Saturday, February 05, 2011

University of Goroka holds 2011 student orientation for the first time

The University of Goroka on Wednesday launched its first-ever orientation week for new students, as part of their introduction to the 2011 academic year. 

The programme, to officially welcome newcomers to the university, was also an opportunity to acquaint new students with staff of UOG.

 International students were also given a special welcome to the campus.

Guest speaker was the UOG pro chancellor, Jerry Tetaga, former secretary for education.

Tetaga spoke to the students on behalf of the University of Goroka Council in an effort to improve relations with students and the university, so that UOG may be an institution comparable to those around the world.

Tetaga also highlighted several points in his address to the students by commenting on the UOG council's commitment to change to people's mindsets, work ethics, attitudes, structure and development to improve the situation at UOG.

 Students were also reminded of their responsibilities, rights, expectations and of the laws and policies whilst attending the university.

Tetaga congratulated the students for choosing to study at UOG and wished them the best for their future years at the institution.

The programme also included sessions for students from student services department on motivational talks on personal attitudes and stress management; services available on campus including chaplaincy; security; IT access on campus; a tour of the UOG library; and issuing of registration forms.

 The day's programme ended with an evening showing of a movie to students in the Mark Solon Auditorium.

The orientation program will continue for the whole week, with a programme for registration beginning on Monday, Feb 7.

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