Thursday, February 10, 2011

Digicel becomes major sponsor of PNG's premier rugby league tournament

The newly titled Digicel Cup tournament will provide rugby league in PNG with a major boost, following the announcement of a new partnership with PNG-NRL, which sees Digicel become title and major sponsor of the country’s premier semi-professional rugby league tournament.
The significant sponsorship investment by Digicel will include the provision of communication services to the tournament organiser and teams as well as a major marketing and promotional campaign, which will help to take the country’s favourite rugby league tournament to a new level. 
Digicel is committed to supporting the PNG-NRL’s stated ambition of growing the footprint of the tournament and bringing in new teams and new host cities across the country.
The inaugural 2011 Digicel Cup will kick-off in early May and feature 10 teams, increasing from nine in 2009, playing 18 weeks of round robin action with five exciting games each weekend to look forward to.
The major PNG-NRL sponsorship sees Digicel become one of the country’s biggest investors in rugby league. 
Digicel’s unrivaled nationwide network offers mobile coverage in all seven cities and surrounding areas that will feature in the 2011 Digicel Cup
Digicel PNG CEO, John Mangos said: “Digicel is passionate about the development of sport in PNG and rugby League is the sport of the people.
“As PNG’s leading mobile service provider, there is a natural fit for us with the country’s premier national tournament which engages with hundreds of thousands of fans right across the country.
“We look forward to working in partnership with PNG-NRL board and the participating franchise teams to support their ambition to grow this wonderful tournament further and make provide even bigger and better league action.”
Don Fox, chairman of the board of PNG-NRL, welcomed Digicel as the tournament’s new title sponsor.
“Digicel’s sponsorship is fantastic news for the tournament, for the franchise teams and for all rugby league fans across country.
“The inaugural Digicel Cup, which will see 10 teams compete for the country’s most-coveted title looks set to be even more exciting than ever. 
“Digicel will be very welcome partners on our board and we look forward to their assistance and support over the next few years.”

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