Monday, February 14, 2011

Charity does begin at home


Charity does indeed begin at home. 

Liberal Senator Eric Abetz  commenting on the alleged split between Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop, said, 'I would absolutely expect the shadow foreign affairs minister(Julie Bishop) to make strong arguments for foreign aid' – wrong! 

Our MPs' first priority is supposed to be looking after the interests of Australians and   ensuring that their taxes are not splashed up against that proverbial wall.  

Pauline Hanson has been the only  politician to speak out about the rorts in our foreign aid but as I write this, Kevin Rudd is promising to give  more of our money away.Australians wonder why they have to fund Indonesian schools when that country has armed forces that took over West Papua and had to be forced out of East Timor. 

There are many very wealthy people in Indonesia yet we have to fund their schools,  having no idea how our $500,000,000 is administered. 


We send money to African countries where monsters like Mugabe are in power and we are told that Papua New Guinea 'powerbrokers' are buying up property in Australia. 


Julie Bishop needs to tell Australian flood and cyclone victims why they have to join the handout queue behind Africans and Indonesians.

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