Monday, February 14, 2011

University of Goroka kicks 0ff 2011 academic year

Performers from Raun Raun Theatre entertaining guests during the opening
The University of Goroka last week launched its academic year for 2011, with a week of student registration activities.
An official welcome was held on campus as part of registration and included a prayer asking for guidance and blessing for the year.
The national anthem was sung along with recitals of the national pledge and the UOG pledge.
Special guest for the occasion was chancellor of the university Benais Sabumei (MBE).
This was the first time the UOG council had been present at student registration.
Sabumei gave the official welcome and address to the student body, explaining the role and authority of the university council; student dormitory project; catering changes on campus; improvements to IT communication; new music building; academic restructure; performance based criteria for staff; improvements in the university; and community relations.
Sabumei reminded the students of their obligations while studying at UOG; the zero tolerance policy to drugs, alcohol and indecent material on campus; and encouraged them to be responsible and to seriously commit to their studies as they would be “shaping the lives and characters of many children when teaching after graduation”.
Sabumei said the challenge was for all to work together collectively for the betterment of UOG and the community.
Council members Thompson Haroqkaveh MP (speaker’s nominee) and Dr Sam Kari (academic staff representative) spoke to the students on disciplinary matters, academic rules and regulations and how to maximise their potential whilst studying.
The day was also a chance for students to be introduced to various staff members from each of the faculties of the university.
Light entertainment from Raun Raun Theatre performers enlightened proceedings and ended the programme on a high note.

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  1. How many lecturers have exited UoG since the 2010 crisis? How many students been disciplined since the start of the 2011 academic year?
    SRC President has been terminated by the VC while he's case of being implicated in the 2010 crisis is pending in the Student Disciplinary Committee? Is meeting students to greet them considered a 'illegal forum' under the UoG pledge and if so is the act of meeting students a severe discipline case that requires the VC to exercise his general powers to terminate a student leader? So many questions Malum, I hope your UoG sources are giving you the full story & not using your Blog as a notice Board for their ego's? VC & PVCs were re-instated, ICC Report implicated them they are dealing with others below them..doesn't look like a very good management, UoG exists because of students learning & studies must be top priority..