Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Danaya: Coward’s way out of problem

FORMER doctor and Western Governor Dr Bob Danaya said yesterday that taking a court injunction to stop doctors from striking “was a coward’s way out and will only add fuel to the fire”, The National reports.
Danaya, who led another doctors strike in 1999-2000, said: “The national doctors current industrial strike could have been averted had the Department of Personnel Management and the Health Department addressed the outstanding log of claims amicably and in a sensible manner.
“The last thing that any doctor would do is to walk away from their patients in the hospital because of the hypocratic oath they all have taken as doctors to serve their patients with dedication and commitment.
“All responsible governments in the world would know this and the important role that doctors play in patient care in the health system,” he said.
In the 1999-2000 doctors strike, the undertaking that all parties took legally was that the state must do all things possible to address national doctors grievances in the industrial dispute to avert any strike action as the role played by doctors was an essential function as they dealt with human lives.
The state, through its institutions, had failed to adhere to this undertaking and must now face the consequences, he added.
“The time for negotiations is before any industrial action takes place. This is what we did in 1999 and all parties were satisfied.
“It is very sad that proper negotiations have not taken place.
“To take out a court injunction is a coward’s way out and will only add fuel to the fire.
“Those who have failed to do their job should not take part in the negotiations,” Danaya said.

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