Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Aini blasts absentees

PUBLIC Accounts Committee (PAC) chairman Martin Aini expressed frustration over Finance and Treasury’s Gabriel Yer and Simon Tosali’s unavailability at an inquiry yesterday, The National reports.

Aini also raised dissatisfaction over the non-attendance National Housing Corporation (NHC) acting managing director Tarcissius Muganaua.

“If he does not appear during the inquiry tomorrow (today), the PAC will issue a warrant of arrest on him,” Aini said of Muganaua.

It was revealed that the PAC wrote to Muganaua last Oct 20 seeking information on the transfer of section 41 lot 57 in Boroko.

This was one of dozens of complaints received by the PAC from frustrated buyers who had paid for their homes years ago but had not received the titles.

“We chose this case at random but were surprised to find that even though the house had been paid in full, the NHC advertised the property for sale and the owners were threatened by supposed buyers and accompanying police with eviction notices.

“We sought information from you but you have ignored the letters. Why? We now serve you with a notice to produce the information.

“We want a full explanation in seven days and a firm timetable for transfer of the property, which should have been done years ago,” the chairman said.

Aini urged Yer and Tosali to be present during today’s session to respond to issues relating to their department.

This year’s PAC held its first sitting yesterday at parliament, holding an inquiry into the funding of health and hospital services in PNG.

The inquiry was also attended by other PAC members including Wewak MP Dr Moses Manwau (deputy chairman), Bulolo MP Sam Basil, Gazelle MP Malakai Tabar, Markham MP Koni Iguan and deputy speaker Francis Marus.

The main areas inquired into included health management in the Southern Highlands and Central, health training facility built near Laloki psychiatric hospital and the hospital itself, health department management and St John Ambulance services in the country.

The inquiry ended last Dec 15 and started yesterday.

The PAC intends to resume the inquiry in late March to take evidence from Nonga and Angau hospitals, as well as the Morobe health office and East New Britain government.

The PAC intends to conduct an inquiry into the Enga children’s trust fund, as well as into four provincial governments in Northern, West New Britain, East Sepik and New Ireland.

“The secretariat will issue and serve the necessary paperwork and prepare the inquiry for next month,” the PAC stated.

The PAC adjourned to 10am today, in which it is expected to bring before its presence the worst performing government institutions that have been identified to explain to the committee why they are unable to improve their performance.

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  1. Anonymous10:58 AM

    The Heads of the Nation have gone AWOL and are refusing to go to work in Parliament by adjourning for months on end in contravention to the Constitution; the body is merely following the it does!