Monday, March 07, 2011

Floods destroy Anglimp area

Classes suspended ... Avi Nazarene Elementary School students in Anglimp, Western Highlands, turned up for classes last Friday only to find their classrooms flooded as a result of heavy rain the previous night. Nearby, villagers lost their food gardens and livestock while the roads and bridges in the area have disappeared. – Nationalpic by YVONNE HAIP

THOUSANDS of kina worth of properties, education infrastructure and food gardens were destroyed at Avi in Western Highlands’ Anglimp district after heavy rain forced rivers to flood their banks last Thursday night, The National reports.
Students turning up for classes last Friday found their chairs and desks floating around and had to wade into the classrooms to save some of their items.
Classes were suspended for the day.
Families, on the other hand, spent the day draining flood waters from their food gardens while others checked on their livestock that could have fled the area or were caught in the floodwaters and carried away.
According to community leader Pr Solomon Lucas, the issue of flooding in Avi was ongoing and needed to be addressed at the provincial level.
He said flooding was brought on by drainage problems and, even though the local community had done its part to trying to resolve it, the problem had resurfaced and was affecting them.
He said the primary solution was to maintain and seal the feeder roads, with one of them leading to Baisu jail, and build proper bridges.
Lucas said in this way, the drainage system would be upgraded and streams, which caused flooding, could be diverted into the nearby Waghi and Penn rivers.
He said ongoing flooding and the problems it posed had gone unnoticed by the government and was a sign that government services in the district were either lacking or were in chaos.
Lucas said locals, a majority of whom were block holders, had suffered long enough and were wondering when existing services would be maintained.
He called on local MP Jamie Maxtone-Graham to bail them out of this mess as the people were being denied services when schools and roads were affected by the floods.
He said the community had played its part and now needed government intervention to replace the logs being used as bridges and upgrade the road system.

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  1. Anonymous11:58 PM

    MP Jamie needs to get off his fat desk in POM and help his people out here. Instead of building his hotel there should build up his comuniti now