Monday, March 14, 2011

Julia Gillard under the microscope

 Juliar's performance in the US should have been a few weeks earlier – she would have won an Oscar!
The 16-year-old Juliar who declared she was a socialist and a feminist when she joined the Labor Party,  became the misty-eyed Juliar PM  when speaking to the US Congress about America's battle during the Cold War and its trip to the moon. 
The young Juliar was an active member of the Socialist Forum which was just a rebadged Communist Party of Australia that  wanted to scrap ANZUS and get US bases out of Australia,  something Juliar's speechwriter obviously wasn't aware of.

 Juliar and her union backers have another hurdle ahead – placed in their path by none other than mining billionaire Gina Rineheart,  who out of the blue has called for us to bring in unskilled Asian guest workers to help out in remote areas of Australia,  which is amazing given that mining today in Australia demands highly skilled workers which includes fluency in English. 

 Is Rineheart in a time warp – back to the days of coolies using picks and shovels? 

What's concerning is that it appears she has made this announcement without consulting with her team? 

More ammunition for serial electioneer Pauline Hanson?

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