Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Basil engages with rural communities in the highlands

Sam Basil flanked with Kiamuga  congregation members,  Eastern Highlands province
Deputy Leader of Opposition Sam Basil has began engaging with rural population to educate them on current state of the nation, parliament and politics in general.
Sam Basil and Francis Kap in Peace Valley Village , Baiyer  River Western Highlands province
“The people must know what their leaders are doing and the state of the nation as a result of that leadership. It’s their right – and it should be our privilege to serve them in this way,” Basil said.
In what was his first official trip since becoming Deputy Leader of Opposition, Basil travelled to Mul-Baiyer electorate to one of Lae’s long time businessman Koi Trappe to pay respects to Trappe’s late mother, Ms Mano Enta on Saturday June 4.
Trappe is the managing director of Traisa Transport one of the premier transport companies operating between Lae and Highlands for over 30 years contributing to Lae’s economic development.
Koi’s contribution to Morobe, Highlands and Papua New Guinea prompted Basil, on behalf of Morobe leaders, people and the Opposition,  to show respect and contribute K2,000 to the haus krai at Kenakyausa village Mul-Baiyer District.
The Tralea tribe asked Basil to give a brief about the current affairs of the nation, parliament and politics in PNG.
Basil told the Tralea tribe that while the overall economic indicators show that PNG was growing, basic processes of governance were not being handled right resulting in a mismatch between economic indicators and social development indicators.
He described the Mul-Baiyer District as another hidden paradise which like many others in PNG were so unique with wonderful people struggling to make life bearable for themselves and their children.
“They don’t need much to be satisfied – access to roads, transport and markets; functioning, stocked, and adequately staffed basic health services; utilities like piped water, communication and power are all that they need,” Basil said.
“These will be our focus as an alternative Government: when in power we will empower the rural communities with this basic services.”
Basil worshipped with the Kiamuga Lutheran congregation of Yamiyufa Lutheran Church in the Lower Asaro area in the Eastern Highland province on the way back where he donated K1,000 to the local church.
In a brief statement, on the current state of the nation and Parliament, he assured them that the alternative government would ensure that the government and churches partnership was adequately resourced to develop citizens of integrity, honesty and respect – keys to law, order and harmonious living in communities, districts, provinces and PNG as a whole.
The experience has fuelled the Deputy Opposition Leader’s resolve to tour as many rural electorates – upon invitation – educating them on the parliament, national issues and politics and hearing what the grassroots people of Papua New Guinea have to say. 

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