Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Duchess to help combat domestic violence in PNG

By Andrew Drummond of AAP

THE Duchess of Cornwall will visit a women's refuge in Papua New Guinea during an upcoming royal visit in an attempt to combat domestic violence.
The Duchess of Cornwall
The Duchess of Cornwall will visit a women's refuge in Papua New Guinea during the royal visit. AAP

Camilla, 65, arrives in Port Moresby on November 3 with husband Prince Charles for a two-night stay, the start of a Diamond Jubilee tour representing the Queen that also takes in Australia and New Zealand.
"Domestic violence is a key social problem in PNG and, given the Duchess of Cornwall's work in these sort of areas in the UK, the PNG authorities have asked her if she will visit a women's refuge ... to help draw attention to this problem, to draw it out of the shadows and enable people to undertake the vital work necessary to tackle this very difficult problem," a senior royal spokesman told media during a briefing at London's St James' Palace.
Camilla will visit the Haus Ruth Women's Refuge on November 5, while Charles meets with Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and Leader of the Opposition Belden Namah.
The royal couple will venture out of Port Moresby only once during their time in PNG, with a planned day trip to take in Boera Village and the National Bird of Paradise and Orchid Garden.
"(Papua New Guinea) really is so beautiful and the Prince is greatly looking forward to introducing the Duchess to some of its biodiversity, from Birds of Paradise - the national bird - (to) some incredible rare and beautiful orchards," the spokesman said.
Charles and Camilla leave Port Moresby on November 5 bound for Longreach to start the Australian leg of their tour.

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