Monday, October 29, 2012

The Australian Bile File


Big deal – we have won a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council
along with Argentina and that shambles of a place Rwanda.
Buckets of Australian taxpayers' cash has been handed out to bongo
bongo UN members by Rudd,
Gillard and Carr to buy their votes for a position where Australia's
vote means zip. What a disgrace the UN is with its looking on when
the Rwandan genocide filled our TV screens as well as the African
health aid scandals and now the Syrian disaster with lots of UN
tut-tutting but no action.
While we are told thousands of Australians are living below the
poverty line and many Aboriginal Australians are living hopeless
lives, Rudd, Carr and others are busy increasing our foreign aid.
Billions have been squandered over the years and closer to home, DFAT
officials on huge salaries throw away our money in PNG where
corruption exists on both sides of the fence.
Years ago I found that UN employees at mid and lower levels received
huge tax free US$ salaries plus perks such as duty free cars.
It's time that the Coalition researched this aspect and tells us what
the score is.
An Abbott Government should not let itself be snowed by the UN.

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