Sunday, November 18, 2012

BSP community projects for 2013 kick off in Lae

BSP has commenced its community projects for 2013, with its first ground breaking taking place in Lae, where its three branches will be combining funds, resources and people to undertake a major upgrade to the rundown Corrective Institutions Servicess (CIS Buimo) Clinic. 
The rundown state of the interior of the clinic today. The project will see a complete upgrade of the health facility.

 It’s a sad state of affair at the clinic, which is a major referral clinic to the Angau Memorial Hospital. The clinic provides health services to thousands of people in the surrounding Buimo, Bundi Camp and even Taraka suburbs, apart from the CIS personnel and inmates.
 The ground breaking ceremony for the community project was held last Thursday, November 15,  attended by BSP staff, warders and inmates. 
Lae Branch managers Agnes Mark (commercial) and Quilan Nongi (market) officiate at the groundbreaking with BSP and CIS staff.

 The upgrade will see a full reconstruction on the existing facility, including the replacement of termite infested timber frames, walls, weatherboards and plywoods. Sinks, cupboards and shelves at the examination room and treatment area will also be replaced. 
The project will also see the installation of an air-condition unit, ceiling fans and lights.
 CIS Buimo commander Simon Sobaim applauded BSP for its commitment not only to providing banking services but also reaching out and touching communities in a meaningful way.
 The CIS nursing officers who work at the clinic were thankful that they will now have a conducive environment to deliver much needed health services to the surrounding community.  
 This year, BSP''s three Lae branches combined and delivered a significant upgrade to the only radio therapy and oncology clinic in the country at the Angau Memorial Hospital.
 BSP’s Lae branch staff who will devote their time during weekends to assist with the project are proud to work with the communities and give back in a worthy way.
 "As the only home grown bank in Papua New Guinea, such is our commitment, as we truly understand that we have the opportunity to make a meaningful and lasting difference where it matters most," said Group CEO Ian B Clyne.
 "BSP’s commitment to give back to local communities is through a number of initiatives at corporate as well as branch level focusing on health, education, sports and the environment.
 "BSP community projects commenced in 2009, and since then has invested back into communities in access of K2 million in which the bank operates in PNG. 
"Our offshore branches, Fiji and Solomon Islands also deliver community projects in areas they operate.
 "This was typically in the form of school equipment provision and classroom refurbishments, hospital and aid post repairs, water tank installations, market and public area clean-ups, and support of equipment and funding of various charities." 

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