Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kudos from a reader of this blog


Hi Malum,
May I say that over the past few years I have found your blog to be of particular interest.
Beforehand, I used to look at the websites for both the Post-Courier and The National which would take some time.
I find your blog easier to use to find out what is happening in PNG.
Congratulations on having a prominent place on the Alexa website.
 Also, with  passing the 1 million mark for readers.
The internet is, of course, becoming more and more important in our everyday life.
 I have been away from PNG for well over 10 years but I still think fondly of the country.
Above my fridge I have three flags - New Zealand where I was born; Australia where I worked on the Snowy scheme and now residing and Papua New Guinea where I was given so much opportunity.
 Your pictures of Post Moresby and the rubbish there is of interest as it certainly detracts from the city. Also those pictures you took of Daru and the mess - I knew Daru well in the days of the Wyben Hotel and other  Provincial Government interests.
Something should be done to amend these blots on the landscape.
 You mentioned in your blog that you would welcome articles.
 I will try to submit some.
 It will give me something to do and keep me out of mischief (hopefully!!).

Maurice Pratley. 

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  1. James Pima said: Good feedback and positive encouragement to keep the blog simply is the best Malum