Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mystery illness hits villages on PNG-Ausralia border

By Stefan Armbruster

Fly River women (Samson Jubi)
Women have reportedly died from what's described as "abnormal bleeding" in villages on the Fly River in PNG, just across the border with Australia.
A number of women have reportedly died from what's being described as "abnormal bleeding" in villages on the Fly River in Papua New Guinea, just across the international border from Australia.
PNG's Health Minister and other MPs from the region have raised concerns over it.
They're pointing at pollution from BHP's former Ok Tedi gold and copper mine as a possible culprit.
The Ok Tedi Development Foundation has issued a statement saying it is aware of the issue and is taking steps to address it, without confirming the mine is the cause.
After a high-profile environment movement campaign in the 1990s, BHP reached an out-of-court compensation deal with Fly River villagers for polluting the Fly and also secured legal indemnity from further damages.
Community worker Nareme Makai from the Manawete Trust told Stefan Armbruster the villagers need urgent medical help.

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  1. Meanwhile, OTDF purchased boats and aeroplanes with millions of Kina. This money if managed and channeled to improve health services in Western Provinces will help these poor women.So who will the authorities point their fingers at? Four fingers back at you OTDF!! Development is best measured by improved health and wellbeing of people not by boats and planes!!!!