Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Explore Papua New Guinea through the lens of a photographer

by Jessica Marati (RSS feed) 

Looking to improve your photography skills while exploring one of the world's most beautiful countries?
Asia Transpacific Journeys
recently launched a new photo excursion tour of Papua New Guinea, led by renowned photographer Michele Westmoreland. Called "Papua New Guinea Through The Lens," the 12-day adventure journeys from Port Moresby to Mount Hagen, Kumul, Nondugi, Karawari, Kundiman and Tufi. Highlights of the trip include a cruise along the Sepik River; sea kayaking in coastal Tufi and an excursion to the Wahgi Sing-Sing Festival, which showcases traditional cultural performances from the Wahgi Valley.
Westmoreland's tour will not just be an introduction to Papua New Guinea; it will also be an introduction to photography for both veterans and newbies, with expert advice on lighting, composition and editing.

The package costs $10,695, and the next one kicks off in June 2013. For a sample of what's in store, check out the photo gallery below.

  • Members of tribe preparing for Sing-Sing
  • Decorating body and headdresses
  • Oro Province Sing Sing
  • Boat and canoe tour to Uramanoa Fjord
  • Tavurvur Volcano man
  • View from deck at Tufi Resort

Photo Credit: Michele Westmoreland via Asia Transpacific Journeys]

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