Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Opposition queries 2013 PNG budget

The Opposition has raised concern as to how the passing of the budget process was poorly handled by the government without the suspension of seven days to allow ample time for the opposition to respond.
Opposition Shadow Minister for Finance Joseph Lelang said the passing of budget was the single most important event in the calendar of this country and that the government was inconsiderate by not following parliamentary procedure in making sure that appropriations in the budget were cross-checked by the opposition.
Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil raised the issue on the K2.6 billion for next years’ appropriation which is intended to be borrowed domestically,  and further highlighted major flaws in the system,  referring to the NPF saga where monies belonging to the people were siphoned to projects not in the interest of national building.
He warned the government not to touch any monies belonging to hard working Papua New Guineans from financial institutions like Nasfund and Nambawan Super.
Leland said the livelihood and economic situation faced in Papua New Guinea was of paramount importance and that it was a democratic duty for public debate and scrutiny to take its rightful place on the floor of parliament.
Lelang is expected to respond to the budget next Tuesday

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