Tuesday, August 24, 2010

AIDS awareness under trees



It is great news to hear that the National AIDS Council Secretariat Director Wep Kanawi has announced a new approach to AIDS awareness in this country.

Counsellors are to go out to give awareness talks under trees and after church.

AIDS Holistics has been doing that for many years.

We have even adopted a church and helped them with their present slogan “strongim family”.

The tide is turning against foreign donor organisations that go out into the provinces to run four-day seminars to selected people and live in the hotel room

of the top hotel in the town.

People come for the lunch.

The pressure is now on the message given out.

No more can foreigners talk on rights and no responsibilities.

A church will make sure there is appropriate focus on family.

No more focus only on condoms.

It is good that Messrs Hopley and Collins of PACE are back to talk about paedophiles disguised as tourists coming to seek sex with children in the Pacific.

They will come disguised as AIDS advisors.

UNICEF says that children have the right of association.

That means their parents cannot stop sons and daughters from having sex with paedophiles.

Many foreign advisors will never go out to sit under trees and talk.

They do not speak Tok Pisin.


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