Monday, August 09, 2010

ELCPNG Jabem district Buang circuit conference

Conference tower in Buang

Sunday August 8, 2010, marked the end of a weeklong Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG Buang circuit conference which was the 30th.
Affiliated parishes from Baya, Mangar, Mapos, Bulandem, Gwem and Biankoun attended with well over 4, 000 people present.
The conference normally calls in all affiliated parishes to discuss the operations of the church within its district operations, identify problems and ways to overcome.
Pastors’ and evangelists’ postings within the district are elaborated and approved in that conference.
Circuit and parish reports are presented at the districts conference for its blessing before being passed on to ELCPNG head office in Lae.
The weeklong conference is also filled with other exciting activities such as Bible study, worship and personal testimonies.
The main Bible theme was ‘Thanksgiving to God’, which emphasised on personal sacrifice in terms of one’s strength, knowledge and wisdom before personal wealth.
The study masters stressed that sacrifice was to give one’s own life to save the other with what we have and the examples can be seen through the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.
John 3:16 For God loved the world so much that he gave his only son so that who ever believe in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
The closing sermon on Sunday was taken from St Luke 12:13-21.
The pastors stressed that people who had accumulated their personal wealth and could not share would perish before the eyes of God, but those who shared and treasured the good of the spirit through the Lord would be greatly rewarded.
The event also saw ELCPNG Jabem district president Pastor Gedisa Okamaisa, who attended from day one, while Bulolo MP Sam Basil and Buang local level government president, Steven Sep, attended the final day.
A Buang LLG cheque of K1, 000 was presented by Mr Sep while Mr Basil contributed food items to support the event.
The Bulolo MP was invited to speak and delivered a message in reference to the Bible text of wealth accumulation and referred to the politicians governing this nation today.
He said most ministers in government has amassed  personal wealth by owning houses overseas, relocating their families overseas and had conducted themselves from their own country PNG by seeking health, education and protection from their host countries for  their families and themselves while pretending to rule this nation.
This nation’s wealth had been lost through corruption while funds were not equally distributed, especially by the most-dominant and powerful members of parliament.
Examples can be made against the National Agriculture Development Programme (NADP) funds, the Rehabilitation of Education Infrastructure (RESI) funds, the failed Green Revolution and monies exceeding K1billion being poured into East Sepik alone by the Somare regime since they took office while 18 other provinces suffer.
Those actions are also contrary to our national constitution about equality and also against God’s will,  therefore,  the faithful around the nation must pray for good governance while the government agencies must do their constitutional duties without fear or favor.

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